Help and Support

I could not have been able to do this ride if it hadn’t been for my dad, Mark, he helped me so much he always was there when I wanted to do a training ride at 4am on a Saturday. I have to thank the rest my family who have held my hand all the way to help see me through, they have helped me so much. I have to thank all the staff at yorkhill who helped me through my illeness and a special shout out to Ms Brinley who helped me through when times were tough. This is why I am doing this ride, to raise money so that more people will come to the hospital and help out to save more children like me and to raise awareness of the great job that doctors do. I also want to thank my friends who were looking out for me all the way through this long ardous journey. I also want to thank all the people who helped by going out on the road to support and all the people who gave money to my cause and all the people who are going to give money. The least I can do for all these people is to do this ride for all of them to make them see that their efforts are noticed, that they paied off and were not in vein.


Also really grateful to the professional support of:

Stewart at Viewfield Galleries, Kirkintilloch

Mike at Signs of the Times, Kirkintilloch

Ian at BarOne Clothing, Glasgow

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