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My name is Patrick Kiehlmann and I live in Bishopbriggs near Glasgow, Scotland. I am 11 years old and I go St. Matthew’s primary school, I am in P7. I am a keen bike rider. I ride to school every day half a mile to school and half a mile back. When I reached P5 I had already covered 2000 miles just from cycling to school every day. I go to the Falcons cycling club where I prepare for CycloCross races all over Scotland the club is new and is not that big but we are growing with 14 children and 7 adults we also have 2 qualified coaches. I like mountaining biking and I’ve been to the last two world cup downhill mountain biking in Fort William. I also go to Glentress to have fun with my friends, family and sometimes just with my dad.¬† I also like¬† running and I go to Kirkintilloch Olympians, a running club near me. They also host CrossCountry races during the Winter, (some of which I’ve won!). The races contain roughly 80-120 children. I run 2k to 10k when traing with my dad. I go to a football club at my local High School (Turnbull High which is the school I will be going to next year.) I play on the pitches at the back of the school with some of my classmates and the coaches. The club I go to is Called East Dunbartonshire City (as in the council area that I live in). I also go to Scouts, my Scouts meet at St. Matthew’s church hall. My cycling club trains on a Saturday, my running club trains on a Tuesday and Thursday, my football club trains on a Wednesday and my Scouts come together on a Thursday.

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